Finally a Viable Corrugated Pallet Perfect for Export and Domestic Shipping PalletKraft's Pallet Solution

It is no surprise that PalletKraft's corrugated pallet has captured the attention of national and international companies. Finally, there is a disposable corrugated pallet that offers a superior packaging and shipping alternative to wood, composite and plastic pallets – the PalletKraft Pallet. Our internationally patented design combines the cost-savings of an ultra light-weight pallet with the strength and durability of a traditional solution.

Made from the same material as the boxes you ship your product in, PalletKraft Pallets are not only a great solution for your domestic shipping needs, they are perfect for your export shipping needs. PalletKraft Pallets are exempt from the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures: Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade (ISPM 15). And, our revolutionary mass production process means we can deliver in quantities to meet your packaging and shipping needs.

Best of all, you can switch to PalletKraft Pallets without making any changes to your internal processes and equipment.

Think Inside the Box with PalletKraft Pallets

Export Ready

Light-weight to cut shipping costs

Customizable for specials needs


Environmentally and employee friendly

One time use means:
• No more tracking leased pallets through the logistical pipeline

• No more re-palletizing loads in order to comply with FDA regulations

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